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Ten Tips

for a successful party

  • Keep the guest list manageable. A good rule of thumb is your child's age plus one. If you feel you need to invite more, don't hesitate to solicit help from a friend or parent to assist you in running the party
  • Include an R.S.V.P. response date on your invitations. Sometimes people may be out of town and miss the date, so have contact information to follow-up. Contact information is also great in case you need to contact a parent during the party.
  • If you plan an outdoor party, be sure to have a backup plan in case of poor weather.
  • Include your child in the planning. Let them choose a favorite game, song, or activity.
  • Prepare your child ahead of time about what to expect at the party. Demonstrate and practice with them how to greet guests, open gifts with positive comments, and graciously saying "thank you for coming to my party" when it is time for the guests to go home.
  • Serve simple, familiar, and non-staining foods during the party. Be sure to inquire about any allergies a guest may have prior to choosing the treats.
  • Keep the party moving with a variety of activities. Plan more than you think you will need.
  • If your child or a guest gets out of control, re-direct them with a calming activity. Never scold or make a humiliating comment. If necessary, remove the offender from the group and gently, but firmly, tell them they may join in when they have settled down.
  • End the party with a quiet activity. A good story or book will work well.
  • Remember, it's a celebration. Enjoy!